The rape of a dog in Egypt

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 The rape of a dog in Egypt

This's Anastasia, she used to live in front of my building in october .. Anastasia was extremely friendly. during the last months, the rest of her pack was shoot by gun by a stuid officer who lives close to me but i dont know him! (20+ dogs) 5 days ago she found her in pain, bleeding from behind with her nether area completely shredded. "Check the photos" we took to dr khaled ali and turns out she was RAPED! .. we had to make her a surgery as we also found a tumer which got bigger and had pus because of the raping! full hysterectomy and we removed the tumer but shes still on medications! after the surgery we took her to a kennel but she was so sad , cold, and scared so i couldnt keep her for long. I took her and i'm still looking for a place to take her of her for the first 2 3 weeks .. she needs a special care! and medical care! P.S. she didnt take any of her medications today so plz someone help me! I dont know how to clean wounds or give injects! 
also i cant control her alone .. plz someone help me! I live in october and i dont have a place for her! someone can take her to her place but i have to find someone to help me transfer her! and give her her medications as well coz the girl also doesnt have anymedical experience or experience with dogs!

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Al-Sisi builds 6 huge tunnels in Sinai – Nile water for Israel might be the reason

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Al-Sisi builds 6 huge tunnels in Sinai – Nile water for Israel might be the reason

 Six Huge Tunnels near Sinai Borders

Middle East Observer (MEO) was able to get exclusive photos from the site of building 6 news tunnels in Sinai . The Egyptian government has announced that they are building 4 tunnels, 1 for railway and 3 for cars but haven’t announced anything related to the other 6 tunnels.

MEO knew that the construction companies belong to the army in addition to few private companies, including Orascom, which is owned by the Sawiris family, an economic tycoon close to the government.

Egyptian-Israeli relations under Al-Sisi Regime

 Israel ambassador in Cairo says “Egyptian-Israeli relations passing its best times”

Israel Ambassador in Egypt  Haim Koren’s stated that the Egyptian-Israeli relation is passing by its best times. The veteran diplomat posted in Egypt since 2014 said, “This is one of the best times we’ve ever had” in terms of cooperation between governments.
Koren continued,”There’s good cooperation between the armies, we have understandings about the Sinai Peninsula, and basically, we see (eye-to-eye) on the development of the region.”
Since al -Sisi reached power by a military coup in 2013, the Egyptian-Israeli relations have witnessed one of its flourishing time. Israel has become an important ally to Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, along with Saudi Arabia and wealthy Gulf Arab countries.
Al-Sisi was supported by the Gulf States to overthrow Mohammed Morsi in 2013 as they were against having a successful precedent in Egypt. The Gulf countries were against the Arab Spring protests that would shake their status.

Al-Sisi isolates Hamas

Moreover, al-Sisi has also assisted Israel in isolating  Hamas Resistance Movement ruling the Gaza Strip. Israeli military officials praise Egypt’s crackdown on Hamas’ cross-border smuggling tunnels, which had been a main conduit for weapons into Gaza, and say the Egyptian military is doing an admirable job in a fierce battle against IS militants in Sinai.
Hamas had close ties with the former Egyptian leader and is rooted in Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.
In the same context, Israel usually praises al-Sisi for his tough policies against Islamists, and considers him a key partner in the war against Islamic “extremists”.

ISIS-Affiliated Province of Sinai

Egypt and Israel military cooperation have flourished recently with the growing power of the ISIS-affliated group in Sinai Peninsula. Accordingly, Israel has allowed Egypt to move heavy weapons like tanks, artillery, and attack helicopters into the restive Sinai Peninsula. The two sides also are considered to have close intelligence ties.
Despite the two governments’ close ties, but the Egyptian-Israeli relation is still rejected by the Egyptian public opinion.

Al-Sisi-Netanyahu distinguished relations

In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and al-Sisi often speak on the phone. Last May,al-Sisi said that Egypt’s relations with Israel could be warmer if it made peace with the Palestinians. In response, Netanyahu welcomed al-Sisi’s initiative and he praised what he described as al-Sisi’s “willingness” to help advance the peace process with the Palestinians.”
Koren said, “We have common enemies in the sense of terrorism, or if you like, radical Islamic terrorism, emerged from the same root no matter if it happens to be Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra or al-Qaida,” Koren said. He added, “understood quickly that we are all in the same boat.”The outrageous reached its peak followed the 2011 January Revolution when outraged crowds surrounded the Israeli embassy in Cairo over the killing of five Egyptian policemen by Israeli forces chasing militants in the Sinai. Since the incident, Israel closed it embassy and didn’t reopen its embassy, until September 2015.

Full normalization with Israel rejected

In the same context, political figures across Egypt still reject full normalization of Egyptian-Israeli relations, with many professional associations and labor unions banning members from visiting Israel.
Last year, Egypt’s parliament voted to expel a MP after he had dinner at the Israeli with Koren and a newspaper published a photo of Koren with devil’s horns superimposed on his head.
Moreover, any attempt to reach the Egyptian public opinion is faced in return by rejection. Earlier this year a new Arabic-language Facebook page set up by the Israeli embassy was flooded with insults and anti-Semitic comments, with some likening Jews to pigs and others calling them killers over the long-running conflict with the Palestinians – a popular hot-button topic in Arab countries.
Koren said, “Our aspiration is to come closer to the Egyptian people,” through cultural policy and social media. “But we understand, it’s a long process, there’s a long way to go. That’s why the stability of Egypt is important, and also the success of its economy.”
In addition, Koren described the economic relation with Egypt to be very slow saying that despite the successful free trade areas for manufacturing known as QIZ zones, “it’s going very slow” with regard to developing Israeli expertise in sectors that could benefit the Egyptian economy, such as agriculture, irrigation, and solar power.

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Conscription army in Egypt فيلم العساكر .. حكايات التجنيد الإجباري في مصر

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 Conscription army in Egypt
فيلم العساكر .. حكايات التجنيد الإجباري في مصر

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رمضان زمان و رمضان الان

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همممم أبدا من فين مش عارف بس عموما دلوقتي احنا فى

ىشهر رمضان 2016 و آخر 15 سنة فى حياتى مع رمضان 
بقيت احساس غريب كل علاقتي مع رمضان ذكريات الطفولة الجميلة (مش جميله ولا زفت)
بس رمضان كان ليه احساس مختلف من اول الأكلات و الحلويات و القرآن الكريم و الصلاة و محدش ش بيضيق 
حد. ديما العائله ملمومهفى بيت جدى
و طبعا رمضان من 15سنة كان بيجى فى وقت المدارس وكان مش مسموح السهر و لا متابعه التلفزيون إلا الفوازير و الف ليلة وليلة و شكرا طبعا كانت بزعل المهم و فى الصبح نروح المدرسه وكل واحد يطلع لسانه علشان متأكد انك صايم كس امكم مين سمح ليكم أنكم تفتشوا علينا💩
و كان ممكن نفطر فى نص اليوم وكان اكيد مفيش حد يشوفك حلو جدا لحد كده وكان ياما كان ان الإيمان بالله و الصلاة ما تظهرش غير فى رمضان بعد كده عرفت ان ده نفاق و كدب يعنى لم تعيش شهر كامل صيام و قرآن ودعاء و تيجى يوم الوقفة و أعربد بحجة أنه عيد سعيد و كده نفاق ده ولا مش نفاق😒
نرجع بقى دلوقتي رمضان بقى عادى جدا. وبقى اصعب انك تصوم فى المجتمع ده من اول ما تصحى لحد ما تنام و الناس بتاكل بعض و مسلسلات كله بنات تقريبا عريانة كأنهم.منتظرين طول السنة شهر رمضان علشان يتعرو ويفطرو الناس وبكده جو الإيمان انضرب
تيجى بقى إلى العائله ولمه الفطار بخ بخ ديه كمان الناس كله بقت مش مستحملين حتى الأطفال مش بيلعبوا بالفانوس زى زمان بسبب ارتفاع اسعارهم وكامان اختلاف التفكير يعنى من الاخر رمضان بقى مش رمضان لا فى إحساسه ولا فى اى حاجة يا ترى بتحسوا بكده انتم كمان! 

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