UNICEF warns that Yemen’s children are paying the heaviest price for living life in a war zone

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UNICEF warns that Yemen’s children are paying the heaviest price for living life in a war zone
A child in Yemen dies every 10 minutes as
 humanitarian aid funding falls short, U.N. says



The future has never been so bleak for the children of Yemen. Images from the past few months show a country teetering on the brink of famine. 

As the conflict enters its third year this week, the UN children’s agency says the youngest and most vulnerable are paying the heaviest price.

According to UNICEF’s latest estimates one child dies every 10 minutes from preventable causes like malnutrition, diarrhoea and respiratory tract infections.

Attacks on hospitals and clinics have risen by a third, leaving the health system on the verge of collapse. 

While attacks on schools have more than quadrupled in the last year, forcing thousands to stay away from the classroom.

Future generations caught up in the fighting between Iranian-backed rebels and the Saudi-led coalition are at great risk, if no solution is found to the conflict

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Yemeni snipe multiple Saudi troops

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Egypt: Video of extrajudicial executions offers glimpse of hidden abuses by military in North Sinai

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video Appears to Show Egyptian Soldiers Killing 

Unarmed Men in Sinai

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 A video has emerged that appears to show members of the Egyptian military shooting unarmed detainees to death at point-blank range in the Sinai Peninsula and staging the killings to look as if they had happened in combat.
The leaked video, which was posted on social media on Thursday, could undercut claims made by the Egyptian Army in December that the men were suspected terrorists who died in a fight with the military.
The video was released the same day that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met in Egypt with its president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, to discuss improving their countries’ military relationship. It also comes after human rights groups accused the Egyptian military of killing up to 10 men in January in a staged counterterrorism raid in Sinai.
The three-minute video, which was released through a channel associated with the 

Muslim Brotherhood, appears to depict part of a raid that the Egyptian Army highlighted in a Facebook post on Dec. 6, 2016. That post included photos of three bloody men in a grassy area with rifles next to them. The post said they had been killed in a military raid on a terrorist base and an explosives storehouse.
Eight people were killed and four others were arrested, the military said on Facebook in December, as Egyptian armed forces “continued to tighten their security grip” in the Sinai Peninsula, where the country has waged a yearslong battle.
But the video shows no firefight and starts with soldiers mingling next to an armored truck in a sandy field scattered with bodies next to shrubs and grassy patches. But it does show the killing of at least three people. In one case, a soldier casually holds a rifle over a man on the ground and shoots him in the head. In another, soldiers escort a blindfolded man into the field, place him on his knees and shoot him multiple times in the head and upper body.
The pro-state Egyptian news site Youm7 called the video a fabrication carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in the country, and said the people in the video did not have Egyptian accents. An Egyptian military spokesman did not respond to a request for comment late Thursday.

 one point in the video, a man off camera tells a soldier in Arabic to shoot the captured men in a variety of places. “Don’t just do the head, O.K.? Don’t just do the head,” the person said.
In addition to the three men seen killed, the video shows two men lying on the ground who were apparently in the Facebook post. The same men included in the Facebook post in December were apparently also shown in a military video shared on YouTube in November for an operation that claimed to have killed eight terrorists “during clashes.”
Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, which released a report about the January killings, said the group was investigating the latest video.
“We have not yet verified the video, and are working on it,” Ms. Whitson said in an email. “But it accords closely with our findings about other summary executions in Sinai and Cairo.”
Mokhtar Awad, a militancy expert at George Washington University, said the video was unlikely to be widely discussed on Egyptian news media because of emergency laws enacted by Mr. Sisi last week after suicide attacks by the Islamic State on two Christians churches on Palm Sunday.
“The worst thing I’ve seen before is of soldiers beating a guy,” Mr. Awad said. “We’ve never seen video from Sinai or elsewhere showing an Egyptian serviceman killing someone in cold blood.”
Together with the accusations of extrajudicial executions in Sinai in January, Mr. Awad said, it suggested “a growing level of impunity” in parts of the Egyptian military, particularly in Sinai where local emergency laws have been in place for years.
“It is a significant problem, and something that needs to be seriously addressed,” he said. “Otherwise things could head in a very problematic direction, of this somehow becoming a new normal.”

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صاعقات القلوب ولاية سيناء WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Snipers in Sinai, Egypt

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صاعقات القلوب ولاية سيناء

WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Snipers in Sinai, Egypt


ISIS Video Shows Snipers in Sinai, Egypt صاعقات القلوب from semo on Vimeo.


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التنين المبضون

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التنين المبضون 

نعم انة صديقى التين الذى كان مبضون من سنوات اصبح مبضون دائما الان لا شى ينفع لتغير مسار حياتة فهو اصبح لا يطير ولا حتى بنفث دخان واصبح وامسى لا يتوقع الا ان يبضان ممن حولة حتى اقرب التنينن من حوله واصبح وامسى شارد الذهان مشتت الافكار يحاول بكل جهد ان لا يصبح مبضون و لو ثانيه واحدة ولقد زاد الطيب بله بعد ما هجر او هجرتة زوجتة التنينه من جبلهم فقد كان هناك تنينة شقراء تحاول ان تتقرب منة من سنوات عدة ولقد نجحت نعم نجحت فهى لا تفوت ثانيه واحد لتظهر حبه وشغفة ورعايتة له وتفعل كل شى لكى يرضى عنة نعم يا معشر التنين موتو بغيظكم
فهى تنينة رائعة حقا تعتنى بكل شى واى شى فهذا ما يحبة ذكور التنين ايضا كما بنى البشر والقرود فماذا يريد اكثر من هذا فهو كان حتى لا يحلم بجزاء صغير من هذا ولكن ,,,,,, لا شى مجانا ابدا ابدا
فلقد اصبحت عشيرتة و قبيلتة لا يريدونة وسطهم بسبب التنينه التى احبتة فقد كانت من عشيرة وقبيلة اخرى و اصبح لا شى يطق فظهر الكره والحقد كيف له ان يفعل هذ او هذا واصبح معشر قبيلتة يرقبون حتى انفسه و هو اصبح لا يكترث لهم نهائيا فسحقا لهم جميعا عن بكرة ابيه (اولاد الشرموطه) فقد اعلان لهم ما فى افكارة كاتنين لهم فلم يصدقه احد او حتى لم يحاولون ان يفهموا ماذا هناك وماذا سوف يحدث
وذات يوم من الايام عقدت قبيلتة (بنت الشرموط) اجتمعا لبحث ماذا يفعلون معه!! نعم ماذا يفعلون معة ؟ وليس ماذا يحاولو ان يفعلوا لكى لا يحدث هذا التقرب بينة وبين التنينه البمبيه او على الاقل ان يسمعوا منة ما فى خاطره,,,,,,,,,,,
فلقد اصبحت عشيرتة (بنت الشرموطه) تنتظر الى تلك اللحظه التى يحدث فيه الانفجار الاعظم
يتابع ,,,,,,,,,,,

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