‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات INTELLIGENCE. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات INTELLIGENCE. إظهار كافة الرسائل


The All Seeing Eye and #Illuminati Control/Power #freemasons #Masonic #newwordorder

Although many of you will object to this, those with keen eyes know that the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye is literally everywhere. This is no question. The real question is why? Is it just a cruel joke by unassociated individuals to mess with the heads of conspiracy theorists? The way I see it is that these symbols are used today as marks of ownership as well as to mark things that contain symbolic significance containing a message. The elite are not so careless as to mark their innermost texts with these symbols. However, some things, such as logos, are marked with these symbols. The focus of this writing will be on the All Seeing Eye. First I will explain some of the meaning behind the All Seeing Eye. 
The All Seeing Eye is a symbol comprised of an eye within a triangle. Often light is shining down from the eye. It is called in Freemasonry the Eye of the Great Architect. There are two explanations to the symbol of the eye. The first is that some believe the eye to be the Eye of Ra, an ancient Egyptian sun deity who is also a manifestation of the god Amen [Amun], known as The Hidden One. The other explanation for the eye is that it is the Eye of Horus, which I find a bit more interesting. 

Horus, also originally a Sun Deity, later became attributed with being a sky/duality deity, representing both the Sun and the Moon, with his right eye representing the Sun, again called the Eye of Ra, and the left eye representing the Moon, called the Eye of Tehuti. Interestingly, Tehuti is also known as Thoth, who in occult circles is known as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, or the Thrice Greatest. He is also known as Hermes to the Greek. Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is a knowledge bringer [Luciferian/Promethean] deity accredited with divulging the divine sciences of Alchemy, Astrology, and Theurgy to humanity. Some also credit him with mathematics, language, among other things. In the esoteric view, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is believed to have been at one time an actual person who was eventually deified... 

The All Seeing Eye usually features a LEFT EYE. 

But first of all, DO these symbols actually appear on things tied to the elite? The answer is yes.. but is it all just coincidence? 

1) The Information Awareness Office logo: 

Funded by DARPA, the Information Awareness Office's stated goal was to collect as much information on everyone and everything as possible. This drew much flack to them and the IAO was discontinued. However, its core projects still continue under different names. The logo depicts the Illuminati pyramid with All Seeing Eye shining its light over a globe. 

2) The MI5 Logo. Military Intelligence Section 5. 

3) Fidelity Investments Logo: 

4) AOL logo: 

However, what is more interesting is that these symbols are all over popular media since as early as the 60s and 70s in very hidden and yet deliberate places. So either all these different artists/people are purposefully putting in these symbols just to mess with conspiracy theorists, or there is some greater power at work: 

4) For example, here is Madonna bearing the symbol on her back. The name Madonna also has obvious esoteric significance: 

5) All Seeing Eye flashed in Nickelodeon logo, along with CBS logo type eyes. If they are just putting it in to mess with the minds of conspiracy theorists, why would they put it here? How many conspiracy theorists watch Nickelodeon, and why was it flashed quickly as if it were a subliminal [note this is back in the 90s]?: 

6) Michael Jackson's Dangerous album cover contains the All Seeing Eye as well as the Skull and Crossbones. It is a goldmine of occult symbolism.

Some people believe that Michael Jackson was actually killed by the Illuminati and had been subjected to character assassination in the years prior. This is due to a recent comment by Michael Jackson about a year ago speaking out about the Illuminati, hinting that he was going to utilize his then upcoming "come back" world tour to spread his message and awareness, particularly with a song called "They don't care about us." The music video for the song depicts a rural third world country where Michael is dancing with the people, while UN Peacekeeper looking people stand by monotonously giving a fascist presence. In one scene, Michael is seen dancing next to an all-seeing eye that is painted on the wall. 

7) Here is recent pop sensation Lady Gaga. Her backup dancers bear the All Seeing Eye symbol on their backs: 

Now Lady Gaga is an interesting character. As we all know, music, television, etc.. all influence people in large and yet subtle ways. Lady Gaga's musical message is one of emptying thoughts and acting as one feels, exemplified by her song Just Dance. It is basically Orwell's concept of Bellyfeel from 1984. She is often shown speaking in a robotic manner, or acting as if she were mind controlled. Whether or not this is just her public persona it is definitely interesting. She is also often seen with butterfly symbolism, which is a direct reference to MONARCH Programming.. but there's more. 

The word "gaga" roughly means a sort of astonished stupor, for example "he was gaga over that girl." It is also a direct reference to the Queen song, Radio Gaga. In the music video for Radio Gaga, many scenes from the 1927 movie Metropolis was used. The movie Metropolis is about a woman who is chosen by a futuristic scientist to be "sacrificed" in a black magic/scientific ritual in order to give life to a robot. The experiment is a success and the now alive robot also proved to be very popular among the people. Then the scientist in the movie utilized the public adoration of the robot with the aim of manipulating the public into doing his bidding. His goal was to cause the public to destroy themselves [they end up unwittingly killing their own children and destroying their city]. 

Lady Gaga's symbol is that of a headless mannequin with a lightning bolt through it. This of course symbolizes a body which is charged with some sort of outside force that moves it. Mind control themes are often referenced in her songs, which also contain many other occult symbols such as that of associating her with Baphomet, a hermaphroditic goat-headed and winged deity representing the dualistic principles "as above so below" and "order out of chaos." She is also rumored to be a hermaphrodite herself. 

Another thing of interest is that she had an entire photo-shoot in a Masonic Temple, in which she had eyes painted onto her eyelids and took the series of photos with her eyes closed. The esoteric significance of this symbolism is obvious. 


A Clear View from Foggy Bottom

A fabled but previously secret State Department intelligence memorandum that predicted, five months in advance, the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, has now emerged from classified vaults so obscure that even State Department historians and CIA officers responsible for Freedom of Information Act requests could not penetrate them. 

When the war broke out on October 6, it surprised high-level officials in the Nixon administration. Yet, in a paper written the previous May, the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) had estimated that there was a "better than even bet" that war would occur "by autumn." Not one other office in the U.S. government had made such an estimate, and the Israelis themselves had dismissed the possibility of war. Although this example of INR's acuity has been known about for years, the document itself was surprisingly elusive and is being published for the first time here and on the National Security Archive website.
According to INR, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat would start a war with Israel not to achieve specific military objectives but to spur "big power" diplomatic intervention in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The authors of the INR paper anticipated that as war unfolded, a variety of U.S. "interests" in the region could come under attack, with possible nationalizations of petroleum facilities, "efforts to displace US oil companies with those from Europe and Japan," and "prolonged oil embargoes." Despite the far-sighted INR analysis, senior officials in the Nixon administration saw war as unlikely.
A discussion of the INR report was a highlight of a remarkable conference held at Washington's Cosmos Club in October 1998, the war's 25th anniversary. Organized by the late ambassador Richard Parker, it included senior and mid-level former officials from Egypt, Syria, Israel, the United States, and the former Soviet Union -- including a secretary of defense, ambassadors, generals, and a KGB station chief -- all of whom played important roles at the time. The October 1973 intelligence failure was an important element of the discussion, and a memorable moment was when INR's former desk officer for Egypt, Roger Merrick, spoke about how he developed the estimate with input from INR colleagues David Mark and Phillip Stoddard.
For Merrick, the possibility of conflict was inherent in the dynamics of the situation. Egyptian leaders had tried to use diplomacy to recover territory in the Sinai Peninsula lost to Israeli forces during the Six-Day War in June 1967. But the Israelis were unresponsive, and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger had nothing to offer his Egyptian counterparts. By the spring of 1973, according to Merrick, Sadat had "established himself as a strong player, serious;" yet despite his push for a diplomatic resolution of the Sinai problem, he was "neglected, and in an intolerable position with his political alternatives exhausted." On the other hand, his "forces were in place to launch hostilities and had not raised any significant alarm; thus the estimate that there was a better than even chance of major hostilities within six months."
Analysts at the State Department's Office of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) rejected the INR view, and senior officials like Kissinger and Assistant Secretary of State Joseph Sisco felt no alarm because the Israelis, underestimating Arab capabilities, kept assuring them that there was no danger. Kissinger did not tell any of the players that Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev had warned of war in the region during his visit to the United States in June 1973. The dispute between INR and NEA over the possibility of war, Merrick recounted, "continued throughout the summer and fall until hostilities erupted," and INR's estimate was vindicated.
INR's analysts have often been on the money. In 1964, Allen Whiting predicted the strong likelihood of a Chinese atomic test, which Secretary of State Dean Rusk announced to the world two weeks before the event. During the Vietnam War, INR analysts starting with Lewis Sarris critically assessed the Pentagon's evaluation of "progress" in South Vietnam. In the run-up to the Iraq War, INR did share in the consensus that Saddam had been trying seriously to establish a biological and chemical warfare capability, but the bureau was spectacularly right in its doubt about the most important claim in the Bush White House's case for war: that Saddam was "reconstituting" a nuclear weapons capability. INR disputed the claims that Iraq's aluminum tubes were for gas centrifuges and that the country had recently sought uranium yellow-cake from Niger.