‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Musicians. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Musicians. إظهار كافة الرسائل


Scientists Discovered the Egyptian Secret to Moving Huge Pyramid Stones #Egypt

The question of just how an ancient civilization—without the help of modern technology—moved the 2.5 ton stones that made up their famed pyramids has long plagued Egyptologists and mechanical engineers alike. But now, a team from the University of Amsterdam believes they've figured it out, even though the solution was staring them in the face all along.
It all comes down to friction. See, the ancient Egyptians would transport their rocky cargo across the desert sands, from quarry to monument site with large sleds. Pretty basic sleds, basically just large slabs with upturned edges. Now, when you try to pull a large slab with upturned edges carrying a 2.5 ton load, it tends to dig into the sand ahead of it, building up a sand berm that must then be regularly cleared before it can become an even bigger obstacle.
Wet sand, however, doesn't do this. In sand with just the right amount of dampness, capillary bridges—essentially microdroplets of water that bind grains of sand to one another through capillary action—form across the grains, which doubles the material's relative stiffness. This prevents the sand from berming in front of the sled and cuts the force required to drag the sled in half. In half.

As a UvA press release explains,
The physicists placed a laboratory version of the Egyptian sledge in a tray of sand. They determined both the required pulling force and the stiffness of the sand as a function of the quantity of water in the sand. To determine the stiffness they used a rheometer, which shows how much force is needed to deform a certain volume of sand.
Experiments revealed that the required pulling force decreased proportional to the stiffness of the sand...A sledge glides far more easily over firm desert sand simply because the sand does not pile up in front of the sledge as it does in the case of dry sand.
These experiments served to confirm what the Egyptians clearly already knew, and what we probably already should have. Artwork within the tomb of Djehutihotep, which was discovered in the Victorian Era, depicts a scene of slaves hauling a colossal statue of the Middle Kingdom ruler and in it, a guy at the front of the sled is shown pouring liquid into the sand. You can see it in the image above, just to the right of the statue's foot.


Western spy agencies build ‘cyber magicians’ to manipulate online discourse

Secret units within the 'Five Eyes" global spying network engage in covert online operations that aim to invade, deceive, and control online communities and individuals through the spread of false information and use of ingenious social-science tactics.
Such teams of highly trained professionals have several main objectives, such as “to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet” and “to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable,”The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald reported based on intelligence documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
The new information comes via a document from the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), entitled 'The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations,' which is top secret and only for dissemination within the Five Eyes intelligence partnership that includes Britain, the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Image from firstlook.org
Image from firstlook.org
The document outlines what tactics are used to achieve JTRIG’s main objectives. Among those tactics that seek to “discredit a target” include “false flag operations” (posting material online that is falsely attributed to a target), fake victim blog posts (writing as a victim of a target to disseminate false information), and posting “negative information” wherever pertinent online.
Other discrediting tactics used against individuals include setting a "honey-trap" (using sex to lure targets into compromising situations), changing a target's photo on a social media site, and emailing or texting "colleagues, neighbours, friends etc."
To "discredit a company," GCHQ may "leak confidential information to companies/the press via blog...post negative information on appropriate forums [or] stop deals/ruin business relationships."
JTRIG's ultimate purpose, as defined by GCHQ in the document, is to use "online techniques to make something happen in the real world or cyber world." These online covert actions follow the “4 D's:” deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive.
Image from firstlook.org
Image from firstlook.org

As Greenwald pointed out, the tactics employed by JTRIG are not used for spying on other nations, militaries, or intelligence services, but for “traditional law enforcement” against those merely suspected of crimes. These targets can include members of Anonymous, “hacktivists,” or really any person or entity GCHQ deems worthy of antagonizing.
“[I]t is not difficult to see how dangerous it is to have secret government agencies being able to target any individuals they want – who have never been charged with, let alone convicted of, any crimes – with these sorts of online, deception-based tactics of reputation destruction and disruption,” Greenwald wrote.
In addition, the targets do not need to have ties to terror activity or pose any national security threat. More likely, targets seem to fall closer to political activists that may have, for instance, used denial of service tactics, popular with Anonymous and hacktivists, which usually do only a limited amount of damage to a target.
Image from firstlook.org
Image from firstlook.org

“These surveillance agencies have vested themselves with the power to deliberately ruin people’s reputations and disrupt their online political activity even though they’ve been charged with no crimes, and even though their actions have no conceivable connection to terrorism or even national security threats,”Greenwald wrote.
In addition to the personal attacks on targets, JTRIG also involves the use of psychological and social-science tactics to steer online activism and discourse. The document details GCHQ’s “Human Science Operations Cell,” which focuses on “online human intelligence” and “strategic influence and disruption”that are used to dissect how targets can be manipulated using “leaders,” “trust,” “obedience,” and“compliance.”
Using tested manipulation tactics, JTRIG attempts to influence discourse and ultimately sow discord through deception.
When reached for comment by The Intercept, GCHQ avoided answering pointed questions on JTRIG while insisting its methods were legal.
“It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters. Furthermore, all of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorized, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the Secretary of State, the Interception and Intelligence Services Commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. All our operational processes rigorously support this position,” GCHQ stated.

Image from firstlook.org


PSY Says He Hopes NKoreans Enjoy His New Single

South Korean rapper PSY said on Saturday that he hopes North Koreans will enjoy his new single, even as tensions remain high on the Korean Peninsula.

The follow-up to his international mega-hit, Gangnam Style, was released in the UK yesterday (Friday, April 12). Gangnam Style, which has sold over a million copies in the UK, topped the singles charts in 27 countries, including the our very own Official Singles Chart. The accompanying video has been viewed over 1.5 billion times on YouTube.
You can watch Psy’s new video for Gentleman – complete with new dance routine! – below:


#Quotes Bob Marley

Today the Quotations section on Running Wolf’s Rant honors Bob Marley. He died on this day, the 11th of May, in 1981 in Miami, Florida in the United States. Bob Marley was the frontman for Bob Marley and the Wailers from 1963 until 1981. He remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience. Bob Marley was born as Robert Nesta Marley on the 6th of February 1945 in Nine Mile, Saint Ann in Jamaica. Bob Marley fathered a total of 11 children before his death. Bob Marley and the Wailers released 12 studio albums between 1965 and 1980. The first indication that something was amiss with Marley’s health came in May of 1977. While on tour in France, he re-injured a right toe during a soccer game. The injury refused to heal and instead quickly worsened. The entire nail came off and doctors recommended amputation. Citing religious beliefs, a limping Marley refused the surgery and gamely continued on tour. Later that summer, he finally allowed an orthopedic surgeon to perform a skin graft on the toe, and the procedure was deemed “a success.” In September of 1980, a weakened Bob Marley almost fainted on stage while performing in New York. The next day, he collapsed while jogging in Central Park. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor (a result of the untreated cancer in his toe) and given less than a month to live. Despite the grim news, Marley played one final show in Pittsburgh before being flown to Miami. There doctors verified that the singer had cancer in the brain, lung, and stomach. 8 months later, Bob Marley passed away.
Here are some  from Bob Marley:
“Bob Marley isn’t my name. I don’t even know my name yet.”
“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect – and I don’t live to be – but before you start pointing fingers… make sure you hands are clean!”
“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”
“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”
“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”
“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”
“When one door is closed, don’t you know that many more are open.”
“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”
“Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.”
“I don’t stand for black mans side, I don’t stand for white mans side, I stand for God’s side.”
“You can’t find the right roads when the streets are paved.”
“My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.”
“The best thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
“You can fool some people some times but you cant fool all the people all the time.”
“Tell the children the truth.”
“My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.”


Bob Marley Reggae music is the King’s music. And it can be religious

"Reggae music is reggae music. Reggae music is the King’s music. And it can be religious."

"Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom?"

 We've got to face the day,
Come what may
Listen to Bob Marley: http://amzn.to/T404rs

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."

Don't let them change ya!

"Love to see when ya move in the rhythm; I love to see, when you're dancin' from within!"
"Don't worry about a thing,
Cause every little thing gonna be all right."
 "I'm gonna be Iron, like a Lion in Zion"
 "Life is one big road with lots of signs,
So when you riding through the ruts, don't you complicate your mind"
"Wake up and live."

"We should really love each other in peace and harmony"

"Don't worry about a thing,
Cause every little thing gonna be all right."

"Football is a part of I. When I play the world wakes up around me."

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

What one line would you use to describe the Bob Marley Movie?

August 7th was officially declared Bob Marley day in Los Angeles.

How would you celebrate Bob Marley Day?

"Come on and smile, in Jamaica ..."

August 6th / Today Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence.

One week from today, Bob Marley Movie Blu-ray & DVD comes out, rolled with new footage.

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Big thanks to Ingrid Black for sharing her Bob Marley artwork!
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